Advantages of Using Paper over Plastic

April 14, 2019

With the increased awareness towards saving the mother earth, people all around the world have also started infusing nature-friendly habits whether it comes to recycling, or using paper over plastic. Plastic is the major contributor in polluting the mother earth has been replaced by the paper which is biodegradable, and environment-friendly.

Even in the food industry many food companies which are well known all over the world have started replacing plastics by papers; paper plates, paper glasses, and now paper drinking straws. Paper drinking straws are the latest addition to the save earth movement. 

Advantages of using paper drinking straws over plastic straws

There are many advantages of using paper drinking straws over plastic straws, here are some: the first and foremost advantage is that paper drinking straws are bio-degradable, i.e. they are compostable. Even if one disposes of the plastic straws in dustbins, eventually they will end up being dumped in a landfill, thus adding on to the waste. Secondly, paper drinking straws take less time to decompose usually two to six weeks, as compared to plastic straws which take millions of years. Paper straws are quite affordable as compared to plastic straws, making them more demandable by the food joints, and other people.

Corporate social responsibility

The use of paper drinking straws over plastic straws is being supported by many companies also all around the world which are not of the food industry, because paper drinking straws help the companies fulfil their corporate social responsibility also, apart from these being in trend.

Make your life healthy, and save nature

Make your life healthy, and save nature earth by replacing plastic by the paper in every form possible: paper bags over plastic polythene bags, paper napkins over plastic embedded tissues, paper plates, and glasses over plastic ones, and in many other ways. It’s the need of the hour that we all come together to save our nature, and transfer this legacy to our upcoming generations.