All about White Paper Straws!

January 12, 2019

When deciding on to the type and color of the cutlery to be used in any pub, hotel, or a restaurant, paper straws also play an important role in the overall decision. The size, width, and the color of the straw should be as such which complements with the other cutlery used. Also, the drinks which are being offered at the place should look best with the straw in the glass. Here is when white paper straws come into the picture.

Biodegradable Paper Straws

There are many benefits of using white paper straws in your pub, hotel, restaurant, or an eating joint: first and foremost, the white color complements almost every drink be it a vanilla shake or an Oreo Smoothie. Secondly, being made from paper, these straws are biodegradable, thus contributing towards making environment pollution free. Apart from these paper straws are the new trend in the market, which will make your pub, hotel or restaurant popular among the youth. The only way to attract more customers to your place is through these small innovative changes being made to your day to day operations.

Who would have thought that a straw will make such a positive impact on your business? Small in size, occupying less space, requiring a minimum investment, these are the parameters on which straws are evaluated. But, the magnifying and long-lasting impact these have on the business should be not overlooked.

Paper straws come in many colors and textures, but the white paper straws are the most popular one amongst the businesses. These come in basic colors, or colorful stripes, or different colorful patterns; and even different materials. Having so many options to go with, white paper straws are the preferred one due to the above-stated benefits these have to offer to the business.