Paper Cocktail Straws: Drink the Trendy Way

May 09, 2019

Parties, family get together; gatherings, office parties, and every other event are almost incomplete without food, and drinks. Food and drink not only aid in full enjoyment, but are also a symbol of good gesture on the part of the host, and celebration for all. When it comes to drinks, cocktails and mocktails are quite popular, apart from juices, and cold drinks if it is a children’s party.

Serving the food and drinks in the most unique cutlery is believed to be the mark of the most

outstanding party. And many people believe that when done so, the guests remember the occasion. The flavor and the presentation of the food, and drinks are what everyone thinks of, but only a few think about the straw also. Yes, you heard it right, the straw, which is used to drink these flavored cocktails, and juices. Straws also form an important part of the drink, but only a few consider the material these are made of. Plastic straws are not only harmful to health but for the environment also.

Here is when paper cocktail straws come into the picture. As the name says, these are the straws which are made of paper, which is a biodegradable substance; and is not harmful to the environment. It is believed that plastic takes millions of years to decompose, whereas, on the other hand, the paper decomposes in a few weeks. Also, these paper cocktail straws come in various colors, and patterns which can be matched with the color of the cocktail drink; and also can make the beverage look more appealing. Also, these come in different shapes, and sizes depending upon the glass of the cocktail, and the way of drinking it. Some cocktails are taken sip by sip, whereas others are taken all at ones. The width of the paper cocktail straw can also be chosen as per the requirement of the customer.

Save nature, and make your parties memorable with paper cocktail straws!