Paper Drinking Straw Vs Plastic Drinking Straws

May 10, 2019

For over many years the earth has been degraded continuously with the careless acts of the humans. Our liking for the plastic material has posed a great problem for the mother earth. From pens to straws, to daily use items; plastic has covered all. There are many companies which make everything possible with plastic. But, as and when we humans understood what we are doing to our mother earth, we started replacing plastic with paper.

For instance, paper drinking straws came into use and replaced plastic drinking straws. Paper drinking straws have the following advantages over and above the plastic drinking straws. Paper drinking straws are feasible as compared to their plastic versions. These come in various colors, and patterns which are fun to look at and use; unlike the plastic straws which come only in standard colors, and even if those are patterned, the ink used for the same is not good for health.

The most important comparison is that paper drinking straws are good for health as compared to the plastic drinking straws. The paper drinking straws are good for the environment also; these decompose quickly as compared to the plastic. Also, paper drinking straws pose no threat to marine animals. Maximum of the marine life loss is due to the unattended disposal of plastic straws in the water bodies, but paper drinking straws are dissolvable in water. There are many paper drinking straws which are made of organic paper, and when grounded in the soil after use turns into a plant. This is a good way of planting as many trees as many guests you have for the party.

With so many advantages of paper drinking straws over the plastic drinking straws, a rational individual will always go for the former; and give his or her contribution in serving the mother earth.