January 23, 2019

Plastic is widely used by people and this is the reason for the ever flourishing plastic industry. People are well aware of the bad effects that plastic leaves on environment and how detrimental it is for their health. Plastic drinking straws are something that we use almost every day, especially those who have toddlers and elderly people at home. Instead of plastic, the better alternative is paper drinking straws that take very little time to decompose and thus are eco-friendly. Many famous food chain suppliers have completely shunned the use of plastic straws. It is a great move, as they have set a good example for others to follow.

Paper straws are a great replacement for plastic straws…

Straws might look very tiny pieces but have a heavy use up around the globe day. A single plastic straw can take up to 200 years to decompose, so just imagine the wrath it shows to the environment. Since oodles of plastic straws are dumped in the ocean every day, it is deteriorating the marine life. Paper straws are a great replacement for plastic straws, as they do not break down in a drink and are easily compostable. Many countries have banned plastic, which is a commendable initiative taken in this direction.

Buy paper straws that are biodegradable  

Plastic straws play a key role in destroying marine life. People should step forward to completely abolish the use of plastic straws and buy paper straws that are biodegradable. But the question arises – Where can I find paper straws? It is as simple as the sun. Simply log on to and you can get the best quality paper drinking straws. They supply white paper straws in bulk which do not become soggy in your drink and lasts till you finish your drink. There offer beautiful and attractive colored paper straws which are ideal to be used in cocktails, shakes and smoothies. The paper straws supplied by GoPepara are FDA food grade approved and made from standard quality paper.