January 23, 2019

Saving the environment at the same time tantalizing your taste buds is not at all a bad idea. And here is when paper drinking straws come into the light. These paper drinking straws are the latest in the market after plastic straws were banned due to environmental awareness. There are many other varieties of straws apart from paper drinking straws like plastic straws, steel, eatable straws, and glass straws. But among all paper drinking straws are the most preferred. Recently Starbucks has also banned the use of plastic straws with many other eating giants following the same suit.


Advantages of Paper Drinking Straws

Paper drinking straws have many advantages like it protects the teeth enamel from damaging especially in the case of kids, are soft to use therefore can be easily used by elder people, are biodegradable therefore having no fear of harming the environment and, come in different colors and sizes. The only matter of concern with these paper drinking straws is that they are a bit high priced as compared to plastic straws, but, spending one or two bucks extra may never cost one his or her health and the environment’s protection. But as and when these paper drinking straws will overpower the plastic straws they will eventually be available at economical rates.


One question which comes in minds of many is that when going for paper drinking straws is that don’t they become soggy when dipped in a drink or are they suitable with hot drinks, well these straws are quoted with a layer of paraffin to keep them safe from getting soggy. Also, these are made enough wide to avoid lemon seed lodging in them and hindering one’s tasty drink. With so many advantages and health benefits, paper drinking straws are the best and eco-friendly option to go with.