Paper Straws and Where to Buy Them From

January 24, 2019

There is no doubt in the fact that plastic has affected our planet in the worst possible way. It is a virus which is infusing our mother earth with all toxins and making it infertile. With the increased use of plastic since its easy accessibility and feasibility, every product now has a plastic substitute whether it is a safety pin or medical pieces of equipment. Plastic will always be around you in some form or the other either on land or in the air. The most famous and used form of plastic is the plastic straws which we use in our daily lives and for all good reasons; it’s high time to stop its usage.

Paper drinking straws are the most preferred one…

Only banning the plastic straws is not the solution, there needs to be a substitute for the same and it should be made available to the people. Well, here is when paper drinking straws come into the limelight. There are many other types of straws which have replaced plastic straws like steel straws, glass straws, and eatable straws. But paper drinking straws are the most preferred one. As the name suggests these paper straws are made of paper hence are biodegradable in nature. These straws are quoted with a layer of paraffin so that when immersed in the liquid they do not get soggy.

Now the question arises from where can you buy the paper straws, because mere replacing plastic straws is not enough, the substitute should be made available to the people for use as mentioned in the above paragraph. The answer to the question as in where can you buy paper straws is that these are very much available on all e- giants like Amazon; also there are many retailers who deal in these paper straws. Departmental stores like the target and wall mart have also started selling paper straws. There are colored paper straws also available. The latest addition to these paper straws is that they can also be made in custom prints depending on the requirement of the customer. Save the environment and tease your taste buds with these eco-friendly paper straws!