January 24, 2019

Single use plastic straws are hazardous to environment especially to marine life. But there is a solution for this danger posed by plastic straws; paper drinking straws, they are compostable. There are many big brands that are taking concrete measures to abolish the use of lowly plastic drinking straws. Paper drinking straws have a tinge of nostalgia to them, as when we were kids we would slurp those tasteful milkshakes and iced tea with paper straws. The switch from plastic to paper straw is a bit shaky, as you will be jumping from something that is extremely cheap to a thing that is still cheap but not cheaper than the previous one. But in the end it is worth the switch, as you will be doing well to the environment.

Colored Paper straws

Paper straws are available in various colors and designs, but black and white paper straws are widely used. Paper straws can also be used for decorating cakes in baby showers or weddings. You can impress your guests by offering them drinks with a paper drinking straw, as they will be notified that you care for nature. Paper straws are a great alternative to plastic straws that are dangerous to the environment.

Now that you know how good paper drinking straws can be to the wildlife, the question pops – Where can you buy paper straws? Well you can simply log on to and order white straws or any color straws of your choice in bulk. At GoPepara you can get customized paper straws for promoting your brand. Even the wrappers can be beautifully customized at GoPepara. They have a fine range of colored paper straws that are made from good quality paper that decomposes easily and lasts till you finish up your drink.