Colossal Paper Straws

Sip every drink with class with these Colossal Straws. These straws come with a vivid color range like: black, white, kraft, blue stripe and red stripe!  Each straw features a very comfortable 8.5” diameter for enjoying thicker juices and shakes without any trouble. These are multifunctional in use – it can be used for beverages and could even be used in arts and crafts, or as a vibrant dowel rod to help support multi-level cakes! It comes unwrapped for fast and quick placement so you and your staff can provide top notch service, without worrying about cleaning the discarded paper wrapper waste! Made from a sturdy paper material, this colossal straw will provide customers with a convenient and easy way to enjoy their blended beverage.

It’s the thick paper that maintains the fine shape during every occasion. The paper straws are for one-time use and are meant for quality purposes. So once your guests are done being happy with their beverage, the straws can be conveniently disposed off without much ado. These straws are printed with food safe dyes and are a best alternative to plastic straws. These straws won’t only make your guests feel good, but it will make you feel responsible and over the top for being environment friendly. It can become a talk of a birthday party, a wedding or any other crème de la crème celebration as these straws will add a chic touch to your beverages! Contact us now to buy colossal paper straws in bulk.