Giant Paper Straws

Be it a shake or any thick beverage use, these are it. With 7.75” and 10" options, these are very wide and giant – as the name suggests. These wide, tall and affordable giant paper straws come in different designs and colors to add funk to your beverage. They straws come with black, kraft and white color. These will add the look good factor in your house or in a restaurant. The giant straws don’t bend or break, nor does it get clumsy while trying to open the wrapper. After using these straws you will feel anything but disappointed. 

Customers will be able to gulp down their yummy beverages faster and come often for a refill,for the taste and trend you offer them will be satisfying. Once you offer your customers the convenient and comfort, you will be very happy with the giant paper straws. The Giant Paper straw will prove to be a very good and sanitary companion for your customers. They are available both wrapped and unwrapped for a perfect enthralling experience. Contact us to buy giant paper straws in bulk.