If you are an environmentalist at heart, then persuade restaurants, businesses owners, family and peers to use environment-friendly paper straws.

Reasons why:


  • In order to curb the harmful effects of plastic straws, paper straws are a suitable and sustainable solution.
  • GoPepara straws are one-time use and durable straws that can be disposed of once used. It takes about a month or two to decompose itself.
  • The straws we provide, allows you to bend the paper straw whenever you need for your convenience.
  • Different themes, designs, and colors available to fit every occasion.

How can you make a huge difference?


  • Say NO to plastic straws at restaurants and ask for paper straws instead.
  • Spread the word about the WARNING SIGN of plastic and its effect in the world.
  • Take use of advocacy to stop plastic from being an everyday solution.

    Did you watch the sea turtle video with the plastic straw up his nose? If you want to do something about it, order your sea turtle straws to bring awareness to your family and friends!

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    BE CAREFUL! If your straw package doesn't say Pepara, be prepared to be disappointed. Check the label!