Are they FDA Approved?

GoPepara is the sole paper straw company to use 100% FDA and EU food-grade approved materials and the only FDA and EU-approved manufacturer of paper drinking straws. We can be blindly-trusted by one and all.

Are they compostable?

Every straw made many by GoPepara is eco-friendly and compostable within 30-60 days. All our products are independently certified as compostable.

Are they marine life friendly?

Yes, GoPepara paper straws are animal-friendly and Marine life friendly.

Do they have bees-wax in them?

No, they don’t.

Do they have any known allergens?

No, our straws have not been found to have any known allergens. That is the reason various hospitals as well prefer our straws.

Are they EU approved?

They are 100% FDA and EU approved straws.

What are your shipping & returns policies?

View our shipping and returns policy here.

Do your straws hold up with straw slotted lids?

Our straws are one of the most durable and strong paper straws in the market, thought we would not recommend anyone to use them with hard plastic style lids.

Are your straws made for hot beverages?

No, they are made primarily for chilled drinks. In hot beverages, GoPepara straws will disintegrate faster as hot beverages decrease the life of our straws.


How long do they hold up in liquids?

Our straws are made up of 33% more material and are specifically made to last for 2-3 hours with normal use.

How much do they cost?

The price varies greatly depending on quantity. When you compare similar quantity, harmful plastic straws are cheaper while eco-friendly paper straws are approximately only $0.01 more. Restaurants can cover up that cost by offering paper straws only upon request.  Our straws can be customized with any logo, color, or design and are better for the environment.

Are they it Biodegradable?

Absolutely! Go Pepara straws are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are the perfect earth-friendly alternative to plastic straws, which can severely pollute and damage the environment.

Are they GMO free?

Yes, Go Pepara paper straws do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

What is your privacy policy?

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Are paper straws recyclable?

Our paper straws are made out of paper which tends to get contaminated. Due to this, most recyclers will not accept food contaminated paper products. If you have a recycling facility that accepts such products than it’s great! But mostly there aren’t any, so we suggest composting our straws instead.

Are they BPA Free?

As they are made from FDA food-grade approved ink, yes, all of Go Pepara paper products are chemical-free.

Is Go Pepara Certified?

Yes! We have CE Certification By SGS