Sip Straws

As thin as they look, they are very sturdy and fine designed for any bar, café and restaurant. These 5.75” and 7.75” black colored Stir straws are perfectly suitable for bars, hotels, lounges and office break rooms. They are ideal for stirring a hot beverage like cappuccino, latte and any other hot or cold beverage. This is a perfect straw when it comes to stirring, sipping and taking little space on the drink counters and in the glass. Because of their thin structure, they are ideal to be stored up in the drawer once and for all with a good quantity stock.


Blend cream and sugar in your hot beverages and sip it once it tastes perfect! This simple yet elegant item if added on your counters and tables will add handiness and impress your customers. These are made of durable high-end paper, and are one time use straws and thus can be disposed off once used. Be it a glass, cup or a tiny neck bottle, look into your stock and you find these perfectly compatible sip straws.