Super Jumbo Straws


As the name suggests, these are one of the biggest straws in the market. Having a thick shake, smoothie, slush or a snow cone? Don’t worry because these straws will fit your beverage just fine! It has an open-ended design which doubles as a spoon, and that helps people enjoy the cream or any real essence in their beverages with much comfort. With this characteristic of being both straw and a spoon, drinking thick – real essence beverages will become less clumsy and more comfortable. Your customers will get the best of both worlds with one single straw! With an option to have it wrapped or unwrapped, you can pick whichever fits your requirement. Unwrapped straws are available in black, white, kraft, blue stripe, and red stripe while wrapped is available in black and white.

With its 10” opening and eye-catching bold colors, it will attract customers to try this straw. It is made of durable high-end paper which will last till the customer is satisfied. These straws come unwrapped to easily fit into the dispenser. Having large drinks and deserts won’t be much of a trouble. It boasts of great ease and bold design which is exactly what a drinkable dessert requires. A great asset for blended drinks, Super Jumbo Straw will never run out of fashion!